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LoveCreative Podcast Episode a Top Download for Pursuit of Purpose with Amy Austin

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

In 2020, LoveCreative appeared on the podcast - The Pursuit of Purpose with Amy Austin. Amy is a successful brand coach and consultant. She has worked in the storytelling, brand strategy, and communications field for many years, across many industries.

Amy has produced 83 episodes of her podcast, and recently decided to find the ten most popular episodes i.e. most downloaded episodes. LoveCreative's Video Documentation of Your Stories Episode 41 made the list!

In our episode, we talk about why video documentation during a crisis is extremely important for any brand. Not surprisingly, this episode aired at the height of COVID-19. We shared with Amy about our experiences as a video production agency during the pandemic. And, we offer tips about how to use video documentation to tell your story amid crisis.

Often times, it's hard for brands and businesses to see the advantage and value in video while dealing with an unexpected challenge. As we discuss in the episode, once the crisis has passed there will come a time when you wish you had captured or recorded some of your struggle, triumph, story etc.

We also touch on when and why to invest in high quality video content for your brand as well as future trends in brand storytelling.

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