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4 Ways Video Can Help Exceed Fundraising Goals for Non-Profits

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

This year, we helped several of our non-profit clients exceed their fundraising goals by creating pre-produced video stories for gala events. Preparing for your next large scale fundraiser? Here are 4 reasons to incorporate video storytelling.

1) Comfort and Vulnerability: Video content allows you to share the story of those positively impacted by your organization or service without the stress and unpredictability of public speaking. Emotional storytelling powered by the real stories of the people you serve is a proven way to encourage donations and create an impact. However, it's a challenge to get people to be emotional and open up in front of a large audience.

With a pre-produced video piece, there is greater privacy and room for vulnerability. Your interview subject has the ability to pause, start over, or take a break. In

our experience, this layer of privacy and control produces more emotion and honesty by removing the pressure of being "live" in front of a large group. Check out Marc's story and Connor's Story with NAMI Dupage.

2) Take Control of the Message: Have you ever had a speaker at your event go a little off script? Perhaps you were left feeling like, I didn't really want that to be the focus?

Video storytelling takes this potential stumbling block out of the equation by giving you greater control over the message. By creating a piece ahead of the event, you ensure you're bringing attention to the desired initiative, service, or annual goal. Check out Aspire Chicago Who We Are video.

3) Elevate the Story: Video storytelling affords you added visual impact in a variety of ways. You can take your donors on a journey. Show them location, show them services in action, see a benefactor in his/her everyday life, recreate past events. The possibilities are wide-ranging and it all adds to the emotional impact of your story. The right music, lighting, graphic text can further enhance your message. Check out Aspire Chicago's Grace's Story.

4) Benefit Beyond the Event: Our non-profit clients enjoy the benefit of using their gala content all year round. Not only do they have a beautiful, emotional center-piece for their event, but now they have an impactful, proven piece of content to utilize across multiple platforms. Post the video to your website, use it in a digital or social ad campaign, share it with your member and donor contacts as an e-blast, embed it in your digital newsletter. Where printed collateral can be limited, video content thrives and can be molded, adapted, edited, and repurposed for use again and again.

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