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Does Your Marketing Strategy Look Like Franken-Truck?

That yellow thing on top of the truck... yep, that’s the gas tank.

Photo by Matt Love. Picture taken while in Mexico. Truck belonged to a mesquite farmer. We don't know if Franken-Truck is still rolling, but we like to believe the legend lives on...

I know you have a million questions right now, but let me stop you and answer the important ones. Yes, the truck actually runs, no it’s not technically “safe”, no we don’t own it and no you won’t see it puttering down I-88 on your Monday commute.

But, come on, it’s kind of awesome right? This is the mother of all jimmy rigs.

I am a household jimmy rigger by trade; An expert in what I consider “creative problem solving”, and what my husband considers “a complete waste of time just get a new one already”.

Despite my level of admiration for Franken-Truck, even for me, this jimmy rig is on another level; a level this mere mortal could never hope to achieve.

There is a big difference between a resourceful creative team and refusing to accept when something isn’t working well. Sometimes it’s hard to accept the latter because that means making a change, and change is scary.

Change can mean investing, moving, reallocating, hiring, redesigning, collaborating, merging or complete overhaul. Any of these actions comes with a level of uncertainty, but none of them are as terrifying and concerning as a Franken-Truck solution.

Is the fuel tank for your marketing strategy fastened in a way that can’t possibly last?

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Do resources align with content expectations?

2. Do you feel like you’re micromanaging every project?

3. Are you effectively reaching your desired audience (able to be present on the platforms where they’re most active)?

4. Does the look, design, quality and feel of your content align appropriately with your brand?

5. Are there consistent gaps in your marketing throughout the year?

If you’re answering yes to more than one of the above considerations, there’s a good chance you’re jimmy rigging the marketing strategy for your organization. My recommendation to you is don’t be afraid of change.

Be afraid of Franken-Truck.

The gas tank, wheels, and bumper are already falling off (or heaven forbid flying down the highway in flames). Be brave, because you're way past “creative problem solving”. It's time to try something new; something that can withstand a few bumps in the road and get your business where it needs to go.

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